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i-Tech Systems Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1993 with its mission to fulfill customer satisfactions by introducing value added product to help corporate, medium-size and SME to accommodate with the advance technology growth.

i-Tech Systems Co.,Ltd does not only provide custom-made applications but also provide the solutions to help customers optimize their routine operations by eliminate repetitive errors, slow response and inefficient use of resources which in turn, encourages customers to perform above the Industry Standard HR Development.

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  Implementation of the company master plan.
  Conducting departments in setting action plans and budgets according to the company master plan.
  Action plan and budget follow-up evaluation.
  Personnel, accounting and corporate affairs management.
  Outsource accountancy supervision.
  Coordinating and supporting the work of the management committee, Marketing department and Customer Support department.
Customer Support
  Issuing product, software development and system relevant documents.
  System customization to customer requirements.
  Customer installation and testing.
  Provision of system maintenance for customer installations
  Provision of system training for staff and customers in-house.
  System & database development .
Research & Development
  Studying new technologies with regards to applying them to the company Products including, hardware, software, networking, data communications and software development tools.
  Evaluate existing company products for ongoing enhancement and improvement.
  Liaison with customer support and the Marketing and Sales departments in providing solutions for customer problems.
  Liaison with the Customer Support department in new product development.