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i-Tech is proud to deliver our software applications and solutions to our valuable clients. Currently, i-Tech increasingly supports more than 200 existing clients. Our remarkable profiles are:
  Jasmine International
  Sony (Thailand)
  Telecom Asia
  Thai Airways
  Toyota Tsusho

We hope to continue in our business relationships and constantly strive to improve our services and support.

Read our successful solutions:
Land & House's Single Number

When prospect buyer makes a call at 230-8888, it would direct the line to Silom headquarters. Voice Expert© will pick up the call and report the appropriate zone or Land & House projects so that caller can select Land & House project according to his need. Once caller select his preferred zone or project, the Voice Expert© systems will direct the line to the appointed project's office. In case caller is unable to contact the project coordinator, caller can leave his phone number. Meanwhile, Voice Expert© will send message to coordinator's pager instantly. The desirable result is that the company will never loose any single client.

Highlight Features:
Compatibility- Voice Expert© is compatible with every mobile systems either 800, 900,1800, GSM or even PCT.

Auto-Roll-Over-Voice Expert© will automatically transfer the line to the available lines when the the first direct line is busy or unable to contact coordinator.


Leave phone number in stead of message- Voice Expert© allows caller to leave phone number and caller's name so that project coordinator can contact callers back as soon as possible.

Automatic Report- A Voice Expert© fault protection system ensures its integrity by activating routine automatic report to coordinator in timely manner.

Statistics Report- Voice Expert© can generate caller statistics, project popularity statistics and transferring statistics.