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What is Voice Expert© ?

A Microsoft Windows 95/NT based application, Voice Expert is an automatic receiving and answering telephone system or Interactive Voice Response System. These are reasons why user prefer Voice Expert©

Interactive Voice Response
Voice Expert© is an automatic answering software applications or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which can support necessary services to customers/clients effectively. Voice Expert© can interact with caller or acknowledge caller's instruction from DTMF.

Highly customization


Voice Expert© is designed to compatible with various types of organizations. The User Interface and application program are carefully tested, no need to redraft specification. Most Voice Expert© users implement Voice Expert© as a prototype to accommodate the organization growth.

  Objected Oriented Programing (OOP)
  Y2K compliance
  Thai enable
  Script driven
  Data inter-operability through ODBC and SQL
  Voice/Fax services on Dialogic platform
  Support TCP/IP
  Support MAPI and TAPI
  Voice mail
  Data inquiry and data entry
  Fax-on-demand ( one-call and two-call )
  Interactive Fax
  Fax server
  Call routing
System Features
  Auto-start/ Auto shutdown
  Shut down immediate/ Shut down on idle
  Online script maintenance
  Online script maintenance
  Application debugging on multi-media device
  Automatic application check-in / check out
  Multi-application in a same system
  Real-time activity monitor
  Service log and report
  Statistics and data export
  GUI-base user data maintenance
Safe investment
Out-of-date application is one of the critical issues for most organization. Voice Expert© is designed by Object Oriented Method. The core program was separated from application program and service data therefore Voice Expert© is upgradable to current technology.